About me!

Hello, my name is Keersten and welcome to my site.

You must be here because you are like most hard working people who either:

  • Don’t want to come home and meddle with a computer to submit your Invoices & Quotes.
  • You are not wanting or able to hire someone to come in full or part time.
  •  You are looking for a better rate to pay when it comes to your company invoices.

I have been in the computer world for a very long time, I specialize in Data entry and Web sites. My most current experience is in Facility Maintenance, I train people just like you every day to learn online invoice & quoting systems. In this industry, I have come across a lot of people who are not of the “tech age” that are still trying to get used to their cell phone, fax machines, printers and e-mailing, but unfortunately,  this way of sending in invoices is fastly becoming a thing of the past and obsolete. Companies are hiring Facility Maintenance companies to keep the “books” more organized for tracking company invoice payments.

It benefits both the Clients and You, But I know a lot of you disagree so that is why I’m here offering my service to you.

Let me take the stress out of submitting your invoices & quotes so you can:  get paid, rest and be with your family or friends without having to worry about trying to figure out a website when the work you were hired and paid to do is already completed.