Cost of Service

So you must be wondering how much this service is, well I am here for the small Ma & Pa shops and also the Big Dogs.

You have a few options, it is your choice on how you want to work with me:

For those of you who only have a few online invoices to get submitted I suggest the below:

  • You can pay per invoice at 7% of the invoice amount, or if you have a bulk upload it will be 7% of the entire amount.

Ex: ( these are just simple examples for you to understand how it works)

If you have a single invoice for $100 you would pay me $ 7.00

If you have a single invoice for $1000 you would pay me $70.00

If you have a bulk of 20 different invoices that are each $100.00  the total of that is $2,000 so you would pay me $140

So on so forth


    • If you are a company that has ongoing consistent amounts of Invoices that need to be submitted regularly you can choose to be set on a simple Monthly contract, this price is amazing considering that you will have more than one person always getting your invoices submitted.
    • That’s right You are paying the amount of one full-time person and getting 2+ more people for the same price of  $2000.00